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Heaven in a Box

featured in The Wall Street Journal Off Duty Holiday Gift Guide, november, 2019.

our best-selling product ever! a box overflowing with many of our best-selling pastries is the perfect way to fall in love with us. admittedly, you'll have trouble picking a favorite. but that's okay, we don't have just one either. Immerse yourself in the ultimate mah-ze-dahr experience.

Heaven in a Box Heaven in a Box

dark chocolate brownies, mah-ze-dahr bars, chocolate chip cookies, seasonal cookies, peanut brittle and vanilla bean shortbread. please refer to the individual products for ingredients.

depending on the product, may contain egg, dairy, gluten and/or nuts.  please refer to the individual product pages for ingredient detail.

we wanted to create our all-star collection of fan favorites, staff picks, and generally the best of the best. how was it named?  we had a client in the early days who, when she opened the box, exclaimed, "this is like heaven in a box!" and so the name was born.

we ship our heaven in a box sampler nationwide via UPS.

due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not accept any returns, refunds or exchanges.