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Bake at Home Croissant, Pain au Chocolat

bake our famous pain au chocolat fresh at home.  these buttery, flaky, irresistible pastries, filled with double the Valrhona chocolate, arrive frozen and are easy to prepare.  there is no simpler way to experience a taste of heaven. you may also choose from a full order of classic croissant or a mix of croissant and pain au chocolat. 12 pieces per order. 


available only for ups overnight shipping.

Bake at Home Croissant, Pain au Chocolat Bake at Home Croissant, Pain au Chocolat

flour, fresh creamery butter, sugar, valrhona dark chocolate, yeast, kosher salt.

contains dairy and gluten.

Paris. Paris inspires us. so we wanted to bring a bite of it home with us. we believe we did that here, in spades. our pain au chocolat sing the song of French love, history, passion and flavor, très bien!

our pain au chocolate ship nationwide via ups overnight service only.