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La Colombe Nizza Coffee Beans

it’s a coffee you know and love, with deep, dark chocolate tones and a bold coffee flavor. nizza is a medium roast blend that hits at the heart of sweet. it’s named for the city of nice, home to some of the best honey in the world. true to its name, this coffee exemplifies a honey-sweet, roasted nuttiness. 12 ounces of beans.

La Colombe Nizza Coffee Beans La Colombe Nizza Coffee Beans

coffee beans.


drink what we drink.  every morning. in our bakeries, we chose nizza for our signature espresso offering.  we adore how this smooth, intense espresso complements our morning pastry and our afternoon snack alike.

we ship our la colombe products nationwide.

due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not accept any returns, refunds or exchanges.