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For the Love of Chocolate

if chocolate is your first love, you’re not alone. immerse yourself in a celebration of all things chocolate with this abundant sampling of our pastries and best-selling granola. share them, eat them alone, stack them on one another. go ahead, we won’t judge.

For the Love of Chocolate For the Love of Chocolate

dark chocolate brownies, mah-ze-dahr bars, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate explosion cookies, all-day granola and chocolate sablé cookies.  please refer to the individual products for ingredients.

certain products may contain dairy, eggs, gluten and nuts.  please refer to the ingredients of each individual product for guidance.

we love chocolate. full stop.  we know we aren't the only ones, so we created the perfect snacking vessel for chocolate lovers like us.

we ship our for the love of chocolate nationwide via UPS.  due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not accept any returns, refunds or exchanges.